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Gluten Free Granola

Prep Time

30 Minutes

Prep Notes

Soak your nuts and seeds overnight.

Cooking Time

8 hours


About 1 Kg give or take


2 Cups raw almonds

1 Cup raw macadamias

1 Cup pepitas

1/2 Cup rasins

1 Tbs vanilla bean powder or paste

1 Ts cinnamon

1 Ts salt


2 Cups puffed millet

1 Cup toasted coconut flakes


Soak the almonds, macadamias and pepitas in filtered water, overnight.

In a separate bowl, soak the raisins in filtered water overnight as well.

Once soaked for at least 8 hours, drain and rinse thoroughly.

Blitz all soaked ingredients in a food processor until coarsely chopped, transfer to a large bowl and add in cinnamon, vanilla bean powder and salt, mix well to combine.

Spread out onto lined baking trays in an even layer, not too thick.

Bake at 50c degrees for 7-8 hours, preferably at the lowest heat setting on your oven.

Once dried out, turn your oven up to about 120c degrees and with your hands, scrunch up the granola to break up any clumps.

Bake for another 30 mins or so, keeping an eye on the colour. You want it to brown but not too dark as it wont taste as good!

Remove from the oven, toss in puffed millet and toasted coconut flakes if you're adding them, you could also include toasted almonds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, the list goes on!

Store in an airtight jar or container for as long as it takes you to eat it all.


If you're not Gluten Free you could add in oats at the beginning, and follow the rest of the recipe as normal.