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Prep Time

30 Minutes

Cooking Time



4 Litres


3.5 litres boiled filtered water 

2 tbs tea leaves in infuser. Remove the tea leaves after about 5 minutes or so (for a good brew)

1/2 cup organic sugar (I use brown) dissolve well

Mother/SCOBY (do not touch scoby with metal utensils, only plastic, wooden, ceramic, or clean hands) 

400ml ready-made kombucha (from previous batch or store bought)

Glass jar/bowl with a breathable cotton cloth to place over the top

Rubber bands or kitchen twine


Make the tea and leave to infuse for 5-10 minutes. I use a coffee plunger and make approx 800 ml of tea then add to approx 3 litres of cooled boiled water

Add the tea to the rest of the boiled filtered water with the sugar, and stir to dissolve

Transfer to a glass jar with an open top, place the SCOBY on top, cover with cotton, muslin, or linen and leave the jar in a cool dark place where it won’t be disturbed. Leave to brew 10-14 days in hot/warm weather, or 25-30 days in cold/cool weather

The key is to taste as you go to see where your preference for flavor is, that's when its ready!


*You can use Black or Green regular Ceylon tea, not herbal or scented teas

*Always 10% of the number of litres you plan to brew. e.g. 4 lts (4000ml) will require 400ml kombucha liquid.

*Add more sugar at the beginning if you plan to leave the brew longer due to lack of time

*Best to record the day/date you made your batch so you know how long the ferment is going

*When bottling, I tend to strain the kombucha brew into glass screw-top bottles to remove excess yeast. That’s just my personal preference. Refrigerate! Chill. Drink!

If you want to flavor your brew, you'll need to do a "second ferment" see separate recipe for this process.