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Prep Time

30 Minutes

Cooking Time



1 litre


1 Head of Organic Cabbage

2 tbs Fine Salt (I used pink)

1 tsp Fennel Seeds

Small handful of fresh dill


Take acouple of outer layers of leaves from the cabbage and put to the side to uselater.

Make sureyour cabbage is free of dirt, but don’t bother washing it!

The reason we always buy Organic cabbage for Kraut is so we know there’s no pesticides and herbicides messing with our good bacteria, we want to harness the goodness of the naturally occurring bacteria on the cabbage to help with the fermentation process and in turn, the good bacteria to add to our guts…. One of the main reasons I eat this stuff!

So, finely chop the cabbage, shred with a knife or a food processor with the shredder attachment works well too. I find the shredding to be quite cathartic though, give it a go ;)

Combine the cabbage with the salt in a large bowl and (with clean hands) begin to massage,you will notice the cabbage begins to release water and become shiny and wet, this is what you want. The water released from the cabbage, combined with the salt will be your brine and will aid the fermentation process.

Continue to massage through for 10 minutes or so, you should be able to now pick up a handful of cabbage and squeeze a fair amount of liquid from it.

When you have a nice brine pooling in the base of your bowl, add your herbs or flavorings. Mix well.

Start to pack a handful of Kraut into your jar at a time, as you add it in make sure you pack it down tightly so the brine raises above the cabbage. Repeat this process until you are ¾ full. You need to leave room at the top for your following and weight.

You can buy weights especially for fermenting, or can just use what you’ve got around, I find a shot glass or a 1/3 of a whole carrot to work well. After you’ve packed the jar to ¾ full, tear your cabbage leaf you saved at the beginning and place into the mouth of the jar making sure you cover the shredded cabbage fully, creating a seal. Then add the weight, pushing down so the brine rises above the following (cabbage leaf seal) then put your lid on.

Sit in a cool, dark place where you won’t forget to check on it every day or so. You will need to release the lid slightly to “Burp” the Kraut so your gases don’t build up too much. Alternatively you can purchase a pickle pipe that sits under the lid of your mason jar and allows gases to escape as needed, I find this option perfect, it’s literally a set and forget solution!


Check your creation in about 2 weeks, taste it and see what you think. Its ready whenever you think it tastes yummy, the more you do this the easier it will be to pinpoint how you like it!