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Summer Tomato and Pomegranate Salad

Prep Time

20 minutes

Cooking Time



6-8 serves


200g red cherry tomatoes

200g yellow cherry tomatoes

200g tiger or plum tomatoes

500g medium vine tomatoes

1 red capsicum

1 small red onion

2 garlic loves

1/2 ts ground allspice

2 ts white wine vinegar

1 1/2 tbs pomegranate molasses

80 ml olive oil

1 large pomegranite

1 tbs fresh oregano leaves


Finely dice all the tomatoes. Finley dice the red capsicum and red onion.

Mix together the tomatoes, onion and capsicum, then set aside.

In another smaller bowl, whisk together the crushed garlic, allspice, vinegar, molasses, olive oil and 1/2 ts of sea salt.

Pout this over the tomato and mix gently to coat thoroughly.

Place in a large flat bowl or plate, sprinkle over the pomegranate seeds and oregano and finish with a drizzle of olive oil.


This salad is amazing during summer when tomatoes are in abundance at the farmers markets(even in our veggie gardens)they are so sweet and juicy and go so well together with the sharpness of the pomegranate. I hope you enjoy!