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  • Loved going to Briony’s class. I learnt so much, can’t wait to attend another one!


  • I had the best day at Briony's sauerkraut workshop! She is so knowledgeable and made the day fun.

    There's so much to learn about fermenting. I can't wait to try my kraut in a few weeks.


  • Had a great time at the Sauerkraut workshop! Briony’s passion and enthusiasm really made the day so enjoyable.

    I learned heaps about fermenting and can’t wait to get stuck into my jar of kraut! Thanks Bri :)


  • I joined one of Bri’s popular Kombucha classes and I highly recommend it. The class was so organised and Bri went through each step nicely, very easy to understand and interactive that I felt super confident I could ferment my own Buch (which I did without any doubt on what I was doing  ;-)) I also loved how Bri had so many flavour options prepared for my take home Buch. And I thought it was great that she had a starter and SCOBY for us to take home as well. Can't wait to join Bri's other classes!


  • I really enjoyed Briony Kean’s ‘Flavours of Kombucha’ class on Tuesday night.  I’ve been making Milk Kefir for the probiotic benefits for a couple of years now, and wanted to try Kombucha as an alternative to Kefir.  Briony specialises in digestive health, and is particularly passionate about the health benefits of fermented foods.  Briony has a relaxed, friendly, and enthusiastic style of teaching, which made for a fun and interactive hour.  Briony confidently addressed a host of different questions from me and my fellow class participants, demonstrating her knowledge of the fermentation process and other aspects of digestive health.  I’ll probably go to the Sauerkraut one next.  Highly recommended!

    ~Adam Telford

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